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Shop - Blume Illustrated Archival Prints

  • Blume Margaret Clark #1
    'Kangaroo Fairy'

  • Blume Margaret Clark #2
    'Wildflower Fairy'

  • Blume Margaret Clark #3

  • Blume Margaret Clark #4
    'The Christening'

  • Blume Margaret Clark #5
    'Fairy Wedding'

  • Blume Margaret Clark #6
    'Autumn Fairy'

  • Art in Blume #1
    'Amelia Herbertson: Red Bird'

  • Art in Blume #2
    'Amelia Herbertson: Cock a Leekie'

  • Art in Blume #3
    'Emma Magenta: Wildflowers in Blume'

  • Art in Blume #4
    'Faye Wilson: Nicolette'

  • Art in Blume #5
    'James Gordon: May Gibbs'

  • Art in Blume #6
    'Jude Martinez: Eve Langley’s Thongs'

  • Art in Blume #7
    'Michel Streich: Born to be Freelance'

  • Art in Blume #8
    'Nancy Sarno: Tree in Rocks'

  • Art in Blume #9
    'Nettie Lodge: The Mariner Project'

  • Art in Blume #10
    'Tohby Riddle: Hinterland'

  • Art in Blume #11
    'Marty Walker: The Bomb Hole'

Blume special "Federation Fairies" archival limited print edition from the collection of the late Australian Illustrator Margaret Clark. 100 only, signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. 
Prints are artist quality on archival quality 300 GSM, A3 sized cotton rag paper
Price $140 

Art in Blume: Limited Edition

  • Blume special archival limited print edition of the art featured in Blume Illustrated Issue #1
  • 100 only, signed and numbered by the artist on a certificate of authenticity. 
  • Prints are A3 plus sized on 300 GSM cotton rag paper
  • Price $150 
  1. Amelia Herbertson: Red Bird
  2. Amelia Herbertson : Cock a Leekie
  3. Emma Magenta: Wildflowers in Blume
  4. Faye Wilson: Nicolette
  5. James Gordon: May Gibbs
  6. Jude Martinez: Eve Langley’s Thongs
  7. Michel Streich: Born to be Freelance
  8. Nancy Sarno: Tree in Rocks
  9. Nettie Lodge : The Mariner Project
  10. Tohby Riddle: Hinterland
  11. Marty Walker: The Bomb Hole